Date: Mon, 16 May 1994 12:48:37 +0200

      COUNTRY: Switzerland
         TOWN: Davos
         NAME: Pawel PYK
      ADDRESS: (business) Clavdererstrasse, Davos Platz CH-7270
        PHONE: +41 81 - 442444
      SEX/AGE: male / 27
ACCOMMODATION: just my room
     LOCATION: not far from 'the center' close to the lake
   MAX GUESTS: up to 3 for short time (with own slipping bags...)
   MAX LENGTH: depens how many (one person few days more just 2)
     EXPENSES: no
 EXPECTATIONS: please contact with me by email,
               I can can be somwere else...
    LANGUAGES: polish, russian, english, latin
        OTHER: I have 2 bed room so more person need to have
               sliping bags.