Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 02:47:36 +0100

      COUNTRY: Australia
        STATE: South Australia
         TOWN: Adelaide
         NAME: Gavin and Karen
      SEX/AGE: M 30, F 29
ACCOMMODATION: 2 single beds in 1 bedroom in a house on a quite
     LOCATION: northern inner suburb approximately 10 minutes by car
               from city centre.
               Easy walking distance to public transport.
   MAX GUESTS: 2 adults
   MAX LENGTH: 1 week (may be negotiated)
     EXPENSES: Guests should be prepared to pay for any costs they
               generate, eg. food,phone. However costs related to
               the room are free eg. lights, heating, hot water.
 RESTRICTIONS: No smoking at all, sorry.
 EXPECTATIONS: Guests must allow hosts priority use of facilities
               such as bathroom, particularly workdays (Mon-Fri)
 PRIOR NOTICE: 1 month preferred
    LANGUAGES: English (fluent), Japanese (basic)
     THE HOST: Gavin is an electronics technician whose hobbies
               include computers, MIDI music, windsurfing
               and basketball.
               Karen is a bank clerk and has interests in photography
               and training her pet Keeshond dog. We are both interested
               in wine and are happy to show guests around
               the wine regions surrounding Adelaide.
               We also love to travel and have been
               to many countries. We both enjoy scuba diving and may be
               able to arrange some local diving.
               We both play basketball and underwater hockey.
               We are not really as boring as this
               sounds. For a more complete background, send email.
        OTHER: We are happy to help with holiday arrangements,
               particularly with local companies and organisation.
               We are particularly interested in hosting
               Japanese since we
               have an interest in Japan and it's language