Setext, the structure-enhanced text is a graphic markup language that employs unobtrusive punctuational and presentational means (layout) to add a sizeable, though limited, amount of logical document structure to any text content. Technically it belongs to the class of non-procedural, descriptive markup languages just like the HTML, but with one important diference: where most other markup languages are meant primarily to be parsed by software, setext is consciously optimized for reading by human eyes.

Formatted texts, also called 'setexts', can therefore be read using ANY text editor in existence and, unlike HTML (and most other encoded documents) do not require a browser in order to be read in the usual, linear fashion. However, if read with a setext browser it will usually provide additional services such as outlining, a clickable index created dynamically in real time, richtext emphasis and other enhancements. To learn more about setext: the syntax, method, encoding philosophy and everything, please visit:


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