Attention users on Sun 4.x Unix systems ...mostly

If you already have, or are able to install, the sv program --an auxiliary setext viewer-- at your (Unix Sun 4.x) end, you may be able to read the HOSPEXerver specifications in structured outline manner. If not, then you'll have to make do with reading it online in the normal, linear fashion. Alternatively download the document to your Macintosh or Windows machine and use one of the other setext browsers. Since it is quite long, ~13 Kb, viewing it as a setext is recommended. Incidentially, both links here point to exactly the same document, although one is a symbolic link to the other and named with a different suffix.

Select one or the other:

This setext file.txt will be recognized, received and treated by your WWW client as a flat TEXT file. This is also the version to get if you're planning to save and/or print it locally, BTW.

Assuming that your WWW client is configurable AND has been configured properly (a BIG if), this file.etx will be transmitted and silently passed over to a setext viewer and --in the sv-- displayed with a clickable, dynamically-created index to its subparts.
Here are the sv and other setext clients

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Ian Feldman